Appointment of Literary Bibilographer, Pre-1500

Candidacies for the position of Literary Bibliographer, Pre-1500, for the journal TENSO were reviewed in the Spring of 2012 by a Search Committee consisting of Vincent Pollina (Tufts Univ.; President, Société Guilhem IX), Sarah-Grace Heller (Ohio State Univ.; Vice-President), F.R.P. Akehurst (Univ. of Minnesota; Past President), William Paden (Northwestern Univ.; Past President), Wendy Pfeffer (Univ. of Louisville; Editor-in-Chief, TENSO), and Robert A. Taylor (Univ. of Toronto; Editorial Board, TENSO).

The President of the Société, acting on the Committee’s recommendation, made the following appointment:

Courtney Joseph Wells, Hobart & William Smith Colleges

The Société Guilhem IX welcomes Courtney Wells to his new functions, and expresses its gratitude to Veronica Fraser (University of Windsor [Ontario]) for her service in this capacity since the Fall of 2008.

The Société expresses thanks to the Managing Editor of TENSO, Kathryn Klingebiel (Univ. of Hawai’i-Mānoa), for her ongoing service as Linguistic Bibliographer, and to Catherine Parayre (Brock University [St. Catharines, Ontario]) for her ongoing service as Literary Bibliographer, Post-1500.


Call for Literary Bibliographer, Pre-1500

How I Do the Literary Bibliography” by Wendy Pfeffer