Bibliographer of Occitan Literature

The Société Guilhem IX seeks a Bibliographer to create a year-by-year listing of publications relating to all aspects of the Occitan literary tradition prior to 1500. The bibliography appears annually in TENSO, the journal of the Société. Professors Wendy Pfeffer (Univ. of Louisville) and Veronica Fraser (Univ. of Windsor) have previously served, successively, in this capacity. Two colleagues complete the current bibliographical team: Professor Kathryn Klingebiel (University of Hawai’i-Mānoa), Bibliographer of Occitan Linguistics; Professor Catherine Parayre (Brock University), Literary Bibliographer (post-1500).

In 2011, TENSO published the bibliography of materials that appeared in 2009; in 2012, TENSO will publish the bibliography for 2010; and so forth. Items missed in a previous year may be incorporated into the current year. The new Bibliographer’s responsibilities will begin with the list of publications appearing in the year 2012; the first deadline for the new Bibliographer will be June 1, 2013.

The bibliography is to be submitted as a Word file suitable for publication in TENSO. It will be organized, in general terms, by topic and then by author; it will also contain an Index Nominum, i.e., an alphabetical listing of all writers whose publications were included in the bibliography, with cross-reference indicator.

Candidates should send a current curriculum vitae, together with a brief cover letter, to Professor Vincent Pollina, by March 30, 2012. These documents will be reviewed by a Search Committee consisting of Vincent Pollina (Tufts Univ.; President, Société Guilhem IX), Sarah-Grace Heller (Ohio State Univ.; Vice-President), F.R.P. Akehurst (Univ. of Minnesota; Past President), William Paden (Northwestern Univ.; Past President), Wendy Pfeffer (Univ. of Louisville; Editor-in-Chief, TENSO), Robert A. Taylor (Univ. of Toronto; Editorial Board, TENSO).

The Société Guihem IX seeks to disseminate information about Occitan, Provençal, and Langue d’Oc of the medieval and the modern periods, to facilitate communication among scholars interested in these subjects, and to encourage the study of the language, literature, and culture of southern France. The Society is governed by a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary-Treasurer, elected to staggered two-year terms. The appointed Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Bibliographer of Occitan Literature, Bibliographer of Occitan Linguistics, and Editorial Board bear responsibility for TENSO. All of the aforementioned individuals serve as unpaid volunteers.

In May of each year, the Société sponsors sessions at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University. The annual Business Meeting takes place at the Congress.

TENSO: Bulletin of the Société Guilhem IX (ISSN 0890-3352) appears annually. It publishes articles on any aspect of Occitan studies, including literature, language, linguistics, and music, and prints scholarly essays, critical editions, translations, original verse in Occitan, book reviews, announcements, and bibliographical information. While English is the primary language, it also accepts items in French, Occitan, Catalan, Spanish, Italian, and German.

The journal is sent to members of the Société Guilhem IX and to institutions holding subscriptions. It is indexed in the Modern Language Association BibliographyThe Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies, the International Medieval Bibliography, and the bibliographies of Cahiers de Civilisation Médiévale and Revue d’Histoire Littéraire de la France.

TENSO and its annual Bibliographies have been accessible since 2009 through the on-line service, Project MUSE.

TENSO is a member of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals.