The Campaign for TENSO

William IX of AquitaineIn 2008, TENSO: Bulletin de la Société Guilhem IX was accepted as a member of Project MUSE, a not-for-profit on-line service of The Johns Hopkins University Press. Volume 24 (2009) was the first issue of TENSO to appear on the MUSE Web site.

Project MUSE was founded in 1993 with the intent of displaying the current issue of each member journal and of adding to it every subsequent issue. No provision was made for the volumes of the past. In 2009, however, MUSE-affiliated titles were invited to take part in the newly launched Back-Issues Collection, whose purpose is to digitize all previously published content.

This offer from MUSE was time-limited, and a substantial discount was tendered. Vincent Pollina, then President of the Société, proposed that TENSO join the Back-Issues Collection in order to preserve and share the full scholarly legacy. The Campaign for TENSO, with a goal of raising $5000., was designed to meet the consequent production costs.

Inspired by a leadership gift from William D. and Frances F. Paden (offered in memory of Hans-Erich Keller), the President and four past Presidents contributed $2200. to this effort. In order to reach the full objective, the group then turned to the membership at large, which from 2009 to 2011 added $3995., for a total of $6195.

Benefactors are listed in perpetuity in the Annals here below. Several categories are represented: Charter Donors (gifts of $300 or more); Presidents’ Circle (gifts of $200. to $299.); Authors’ Club (gifts of $100. to $199.); Companho (gifts of up to $99).

TENSO is the enduring monument to the activities of the Société Guilhem IX. The financial support of our friends has enabled the journal – both past and present – to reach countless readers in the years to come.

Annals of The Campaign for TENSO

$5000. Sought
$6195. Raised
Our Thanks to All Contributors !

Charter Donors (Gifts of $300. or more)

  • F.R.P. Akehurst
  • Caroline Jewers
  • Sarah Kay
  • William D. and Frances F. Paden (In Memory of Hans-Erich Keller)
  • Wendy Pfeffer
  • Elizabeth Wilson Poe (In Memory of Hans-Erich Keller)
  • Vincent Pollina (In Memory of Hans-Erich Keller)
  • Sarah Spence
  • Robert A. Taylor

Presidents’ Circle (Gifts of $200. to $299.)

  • Elizabeth Aubrey
  • Michel-André Bossy
  • Alice Colby-Hall (In Memory of Kurt Lewent)
  • Veronica Fraser
  • Roy Hagman
  • Sarah-Grace Heller

Authors’ Club (Gifts of $100. to $199.)

  • James H. Barton
  • Thomas Field
  • Simon Gaunt
  • Barbara G. Keller (In Memory of Hans-Erich Keller)
  • Harrington B. Laufman
  • Charmaine Lee
  • Daniel O’Sullivan

Companho (Gifts of up to $99.)

  • Ronnie Apter
  • Matilda Bruckner
  • William Burgwinkle
  • Fidel Fajardo-Acosta
  • Scott Francis
  • Kirsten Fudeman
  • Audrey Gaquin
  • David Georgi
  • Eliza M. Ghil
  • Ruth Harvey
  • Catherine Léglu
  • Linda Paterson
  • Mary B. Speer