Thank you for donating to the Société Guilhem IX!
Please click on the “Add to cart” link beneath one of the listed amounts; a “View cart” link will then appear, enabling confirmation of the choice. The payment will not be charged to you until the checkout process is complete.

One may contribute multiples of any listed amount. To donate $75.00, for example, click three times on the “Add to cart” link beneath the $25.00 denomination; then click on “View cart,” and a subtotal of $75.00 will be seen. An alternative method makes use of the quantity counter. To donate $75.00, add $25.00 to the cart; then click on “View cart” and set the counter in the “Quantity” column to “3.” Next, click on the black “Update Cart” icon at the bottom of the page, and the subtotal will be revised from $25.00 to $75.00.

Varied amounts may also be selected in succession. To donate $125.00, for example, add $100.00 to the cart, and then add $25.00.

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